James Mapes is The Imaginologist and his show, “Master of the Imagination”, is a dazzling combination of suggestion, non-verbal communication, misdirection, intuition, psychology, storytelling and just a little dash of magic.  It is an exhilarating, life-enhancing, mind-blowing, mystifying, fun and captivating exploration into the realm of the impossible.

James Mapes defies all categorization.   When Paul Allen, innovative co-founder of Microsoft, philanthropist and musician quizzed Mapes as to how one person could do so much during his life,  James answer was simple, “Because no one told me I couldn’t.”

Considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on applied imagination, James has been a student of human behavior for more than 40 years.  Since childhood, James wanted to make the impossible into the possible.  He performed his first magic show at the age of nine, attempted to hypnotize his brother at 12 and began acting at the age of 13. This has led to a life-long fascination with the subconscious.