What People Are Saying About James Mapes


“James Mapes is nothing short of amazing as a person as well as a performer. – He convinced me that he could work wonders through the power of suggestion… with the expertise, the charm and the very charisma needed to do the job.”
– Harvey S. Karten, CompuServe

“You absolutely captivated the audience and kept me on the edge of my seat.”
– Diane Powell, British Airways

“You ‘wowed’ our sales group with your hypnosis show. They will be talking about your presentation for years!”
– Robert Glason, Exec. VP, North Carolina Automotive Dealers Assoc.

“It was a great pleasure to see your show. All were thrilled with the insightful, educational, and very entertaining evening. We couldn’t have asked for more enjoyment.”
– Michael Grossman, Pres., Advice One

“Great; dynamic; very impressive; outstanding; informative; and lots of fun!” “I would recommend you and ‘Journey into the Imagination’ to anyone.”
– Mike Hennigan, VP, Sprint

National Media

“Combines a Master Showman with the unlimited possibilities of the Human Mind. Illumination, Inspiring and Just Plain Fun!”
– Bill Bregoli, Westwood One Radio

“James Mapes is truly amazing! You won’t believe your eyes.”
– Bill Diehl, Entertainment News Correspondent, ABC Radio Network, New York

“Even for skeptics, he’s a revelation. The only problem is that it isn’t likely that the audience will ever be put to sleep because nobody wants to miss anything!”
– Rex Reed, New York Observer

“Absolutely Fantastic! I was totally into it. You never know what happens when you play with your mind. This was a whole new journey for me.”
– Wilson Morales, writer/producer, WBAI radio, New York City

“Mesmerizing. And a wonderful evening of mind-boggling entertainment. Wow! James Mapes will truly make you re-think your imagination. I would go to his show again in a heartbeat.”
– Seth Fradkoff, Columbia Pictures/Sony Entertainment

“This show is absolutely out-of-this-world amazing!”
– Lisa Zaks, Columbia Pictures/Sony Entertainment

Performing Arts

“One of the most exciting one-man shows I have ever seen.”
– Hal Holbrook, Actor, Oscar winner and performer, Mark Twain Tonight

“So well done and so much fun! Our audience can’t wait to have him back.”
– Tina Salamone, Rialto Square Theatre, Joliet, IL

“The most fun I’ve in years. He had them dancing in the aisles.”
– Janet Granger, Exec. Dir, Klein, Bridgeport, CT

“James Mapes is the consummate performer. Exciting, entertaining and empowering. His hypnosis show always ‘packs the house’ and leaves the audience screaming for more.”
– Rod Rock, Director, Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts, UCONN